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my safety valve for all work related irritations.

My apologies, dear readers.

I’ve neglected this blog, for quite some time now.

I still want to blog, but my current employer makes that difficult. I would prefer to remain uncensored, but that’s not possible currently.

I’m planning to remodel, yet again… and convert this space to a more visually pleasing spot.
Please share your suggestions, comments and other thoughts in the usual space.


via ComputerWorld’s Shark Tank

The tech is reprimanded and almost loses his job. The payroll employee returns from vacation and does lose her job. The irate senior scientist quits, taking a few key subordinates with her, and later sues the company for discrimination.

A wiser soul once mentioned that we signed up to work in customer service, and we should expect people to be unreasonable. iDunno… I normally expect people to be reasonable… maybe I can quit expecting anything ?

I just read an interview of a Mac Genius. Inside the comments, some ex-Mac Genius says

The main sign of professionalism is your ability to deal with the angry customer, the rude customer and the nice customer with the same demeanor, and be able to walk away from the job at the end of the day without feeling that you had a particularly good or bad day according to how many of each you encountered that day. They are all people, it’s your job to service them, it’s your job to put up with the attitudes, and it’s your responsibility to come up with ways to accomplish this without sarcasm, without retaliation, and most of all, without letting it affect you. If you cannot do this, quit!

I don’t really want to quit my job here, So I guess I’ll have to learn how to not be affected by people’s bad reactions.
So, I’d admit to being affected by my customers’ responses to me. Its been up and down… and I’m asking for assistance in not letting the angry, unreasonable people, affect me.
If anyone has ideas, techniques, or whatever, do share.

PS. The Snark was recently injured… do pray for him. I’m gonna go see him later.

PPS. The 2 wheeled story is getting darker and darker. I asked ayahanda again… still a firm ‘No’. I don’t know how long I can keep up this charade …

The last few days, I’ve been talking and interacting with a different breed of customer. 1 father bought his son nearly 1000 bucks in iPod and accessories. Another mother replaced her son’s stolen iPod immediately.

Sometimes, when I watch this, I feel jealous. Sometimes I wish my dad and I spend time together like that. Is it a part of growing up, that adult sons no longer receive gifts from parents?
On the other hand, now my dad expects me to do stuff that means I go places alone, get the errand done and carry on. I’ve never stopped to realize how much that means, that I’m trusted to get it done, and done right.

So, sometimes when customers at work are rude or sarcastic, I remind myself that their comment on me is based on 2 minutes, while my earthly father knows me better and still loves me, while my heavenly Father knew me before I was born, and He will always love me.

P.S. I may be switching back to 2 wheels :) please share your opinion in the comment box!

Dear readers, its time for me to say goodbye to the Waja. My dad’s back, so he needs his car back. I’ll be driving to T. Intan and taking the bus back to PJ. Its back to the Saga for me.

It has been a fun 3 weeks. I’ve been able to prove to myself at least that I can still drive well, that my skill hasn’t deteriorated. Because the Saga is under-powered, I’d begun to doubt myself. The fuel consumption was about the same, but the fun and comfort level was very very much more!

I’m still looking for another car, and its not easy. No one seems to have any insight into this part of my life at least.
I’m interested in a Satria, or a Toyota Corolla SE (AE91). They’re both around the same price, but I believe the Corolla will have a higher running cost.

Finally, I attended a job interview. I didn’t get it, but someone did. So she’s moving to a new office, her previous junior is promoted to senior, and I get to be the junior staff at BSC! so this means less days off, because I’ll be there 5 days a week. It does mean I can sleep in a little more :P and I can leave BSC by 9 pm. That’s good. Now at 1 Utama, I usually leave by 9.40 and reach home again only around midnight.
The move to BSC will keep me on my toes, I hope, mainly because the people who are in BSC are typically professionals, who don’t suffer fools.

I’m going to miss being @ 1U, because lots of my church people hang out at 1U, and its not going to be the same at BSC. It will be less stressful, because the daily people traffic is lower in BSC.