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Monthly Archives: July 2008

My first blog post using the new WordPress iPhone app. Seems pretty straightforward… More thoughts later…


my iPhone

my one hundreth post.

today, a lady walked in, to our store. and asked for me. even though I don’t technically work there.

although she had some questions, she was quite nice throughout.

she truly made my day.

Thanks JK, you know who you are.

THIS is exactly what I have been talking about.

we can all grow, become better than we are. the fallacy is to imagine that we are a finished product.

Only people who immediately jumped at the challenge ended up on the team. “It was his intuition that he wanted people who valued stretching themselves over being king of their particular hill,” she says.

As I was writing this, I showed it to CSH, He shared something along the same lines, apparently a Chet Atkins quote.

Everything I’ve ever done was out of fear of being mediocre

the process is never-ending, except if you want to stop learning…

Via Daring Fireball,
I’ve always wondered, does it mean a clothing designer, has wonderful taste, and wears these really cool outfits?

how about font designers? do they have really great handwriting?

Read and find out :)