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Monthly Archives: May 2008

okay…. where to start?

what is HID ?
That’s one of the easy parts. HID is a acronym, High Intensity Discharge. Its a design of headlight, commonly used nowadays in certain luxury cars, and also some not-so luxury cars. Its significantly brighter than even a 100w halogen headlamp.

I have installed it, into my bike.
yes, my humble, not-a-high-powered, bike.

Why? that’s also the easy part, cos my current headlamp is from a underbone (cubchai) bike and its quite dim, even with an upgraded 35w bulb.

I’ve been dreaming about this for a long time, and only now had the finances necessary to do it.
It wasn’t particularly difficult, or complex. The difficult part was finding a place to keep the ballast, and connecting in the switch, to stay street-legal.

If you’re interested in doing it for your bike, please make sure you have a twin-bulb system already. Bikes such as the Honda EX-5, Yamaha RX-Z & TZM, Kawasaki KIPS & ZZR, are not recommended, as there’s only a single socket, which means you’d have to use the HID all the time, risking a RM300 fine, if the local boys in blue ever see you.
If you’re still interested, leave a comment, or email me at jeyadev at mac dot com.

Yes, using HID in a non-factory-installed system is currently illegal on Malaysian roads. That’s why mine is only for private roads and other completely dark areas, where there’s no other road users.