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Monthly Archives: March 2008

well, the creators call it a virus, I call it stress relief…

wonder who else I will suprise with this…

Visit the Troika “virus” site here.

All PC guys… You know its bad when we have a toy labeled as a virus, and none of us are worried…


hmm, looks I too am part of the winds of change.

I actually tendered my resignation at the end of January. Then my boss came in, and said he’d like to address the issues that led to my leaving.
But it appears that I need to go, to force the change that I want to see.

Boss came in today, asked if I’m sure I want to leave. I said that the company being small is good, it gets things done. But I want to work in a bigger organisation. Can’t share the reasons here…

6 weeks to go…

well, the opposition (non-Barisan Nasional) parties have gotten their wish. The BN has been denied the 2/3 majority they’ve had since 1969, and I hope they will quit meddling with the Constitution, just to further enhance their control.

they have been lying to the people for some time now, saying they need a 2/3 majority to form a government. actually they just need a 51% majority to form the government. the 2/3 majority just lets BN modify, change and otherwise mangle the Constitution to do whatever they want…

Coming up for GE 2013, lets deny BN the 51% … so they have to convince the other MPs that whatever they are doing is actually for our good, and then we will definitely see a Malaysia that is Gemilang, Cemerlang & Terbilang.

P.S. Congratulations to ALL MPs. I’m glad that there are some BN people winning, but never forget that all you MPs are there to serve your constituents, and not the other way around.

Malaysians, you know who said these words, and you know if we should just change it or if you value the peace and the security is up to standard or if there’s any prosperity left.

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