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Monthly Archives: August 2007

well… its true.

the iPhone is now unlocked.

so, we still can’t sell them here in Malaysia, but I can still dream. time to save up some cash, and find a buddy in the USA to send me one.

RM2200 for an iPhone… would be my most expensive phone to date :)


Well, the main drama in my life is connected to my job, so I can’t blog about it here at all.

In other news, my church is moving to new premises. So we’re doing a 21-day fast and prayer, which ends on the same day we move to the new premises.
So, I’ve been waking up at 4 something in the morning, going to prayer around 5-ish, and then to work at 10. its taking a toll… i’m yawning at work, around 8pm or so.
The move to new premises, the Dream Center, is really amazing. I’ve never thought about it much, but most everyone here is serving on a voluntary basis. I mean, some of them (church staff) are being paid, but they are all there because they feel God wants them to be here.

Its something I’ve never realised…