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okay. I’m done being melancholic about this particular CHiQ.

I spent lots of time, trying to change her, and I know I changed for her as well. But now that she’s not here, I’ve got to keep the memories sweet, and I must continue my own life.

One thing this has taught me is that, any search for meaning in life, will only end with finding Christ. Everything else, is either self-destructive, or an endless spiral.

I’m not going to forget, but I’m not going to forget.

Some announcements.
1. I’m fine with some of the other bloggers who want to find out what happened and so on. I just ask that you don’t disturb the family.
2. Please don’t speculate.



  1. Hey…saw you during the whole thing and at the dinner last night. I think we had lunch together before….Anyway…just dropping a line to say take care!

  2. hey Yian. yes.. we had lunch at the cafe near SEGI, SS2… some months back.

  3. hey…do you go to DUMC?

  4. yup, that’s me…

  5. hrm….do you know a guy called Lawrence who works in Singapore now?

  6. so that’s where he disappeared to. Shall we continue in gTalk?

  7. go ahead and add me. you know my id. it’s the same in Yahoo, Skype and MSN as well….funny thing. i tot i replied this last night, but it’s not posted…

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