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Monthly Archives: March 2007

Well, at least someone finds humor in software development …
Bug Bash


Just thought I’d share this with some of you…
the new and shiny, and the old and rusted…

and the finished product.

The guys in the shop were saying they’ve not seen such a badly abused brake disc before this.

Well… my first month without posting at all.

I’ve been occupied with a new toy, so I can’t share it here yet. There’s a time and place for all things, and now isn’t the time for this one.

The post-CNY week wasn’t fun… 6 days of work straight… it took a toll… I guess the 5-day workweek isn’t ready for me yet.

I have started teaching some Mac OS X classes over at Skilz since late January. Its been a slight change, but its a good change.

Its officially my last day as a 23-year old…

Yes, its my birthday tomorrow! I’ve not really made any plans, just a short outing with Dave, Reuben and Jun Wei. Dave is one of the original traffic marshals from my church and he’s been away for 3 years!
We had a short chance to catch up with him and his family over lunch yesterday. Truly… 3 years just passed so quickly.

On a more somber note, me dad’s been admitted for stomach pains today. Nirmala akka called and let me know (and got into hot soup for doing so, thanks!)… apparently dad’s not in pain right now. I’ll know more later today. He’s asked me not to worry… but I can’t *not* worry…
Updated Dad called and wished me happy birthday. Thanks to all of you who prayed for him!

@ work is just that, work. Its been up and down, some very busy days, where the flow of people seemed non-stop, and some quiet days, when it felt like the people were all away.

Its gonna be crazy when Leopard finally launches. I’ll have to keep a large bottle of water handy… answering questions all day :)

Here’s to another change-filled year…