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Monthly Archives: October 2006

I just read this from Mac Geekery where Adam Knight mentions Apple’s relationship with the staff that they have .

He mentions Apple Retail underpaying their staff, and abusing their loyalty to the brand “Apple”. He makes a few points,

  • such as the fact that many of the staff there have an emotional attachment to the brand, so they take their employment, and by extension, employer, personally.
  • there’s a serious burn-out rate. Its mostly caused by inept managers who think that having a warm body in a store is good enough.

I wonder if the fact that many computer companies in Malaysia prefer to underpay 2 new staff, work them to death and then repeat the cycle, rather than just have 1 well-trained senior staff.

Then in a related post, JC mentions The death of incentives

Somehow, I feel the whole demand by certain consumers for ever-lower prices is fueling this. I mean, where are the companies supposed to find the money to train staff, keep the place clean, pay rent and other overheads and *still* make a profit? Some companies take the easy way out and hire people who know nothing and don’t want to learn. Ultimately, the customer pays for this el-cheapo attitude. More than once, I’ve met a salesperson who knew nothing more than what’s in the brochure. I mean, these aren’t new staff. They are the same people who were there last year.

So, point 1 > if you want dirt-cheap prices, then learn everything about what you’re buying and just buy it.
And, point 2 > if you want someone to guide your purchase, then don’t ask for discounts at the end of it. The person who just guided you, also has bills to pay and all that.

I’m quite open to questions and discussions on this. Comments please…


The last few days, I’ve been talking and interacting with a different breed of customer. 1 father bought his son nearly 1000 bucks in iPod and accessories. Another mother replaced her son’s stolen iPod immediately.

Sometimes, when I watch this, I feel jealous. Sometimes I wish my dad and I spend time together like that. Is it a part of growing up, that adult sons no longer receive gifts from parents?
On the other hand, now my dad expects me to do stuff that means I go places alone, get the errand done and carry on. I’ve never stopped to realize how much that means, that I’m trusted to get it done, and done right.

So, sometimes when customers at work are rude or sarcastic, I remind myself that their comment on me is based on 2 minutes, while my earthly father knows me better and still loves me, while my heavenly Father knew me before I was born, and He will always love me.

P.S. I may be switching back to 2 wheels :) please share your opinion in the comment box!