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Monthly Archives: September 2006

Dear readers, its time for me to say goodbye to the Waja. My dad’s back, so he needs his car back. I’ll be driving to T. Intan and taking the bus back to PJ. Its back to the Saga for me.

It has been a fun 3 weeks. I’ve been able to prove to myself at least that I can still drive well, that my skill hasn’t deteriorated. Because the Saga is under-powered, I’d begun to doubt myself. The fuel consumption was about the same, but the fun and comfort level was very very much more!

I’m still looking for another car, and its not easy. No one seems to have any insight into this part of my life at least.
I’m interested in a Satria, or a Toyota Corolla SE (AE91). They’re both around the same price, but I believe the Corolla will have a higher running cost.

Finally, I attended a job interview. I didn’t get it, but someone did. So she’s moving to a new office, her previous junior is promoted to senior, and I get to be the junior staff at BSC! so this means less days off, because I’ll be there 5 days a week. It does mean I can sleep in a little more :P and I can leave BSC by 9 pm. That’s good. Now at 1 Utama, I usually leave by 9.40 and reach home again only around midnight.
The move to BSC will keep me on my toes, I hope, mainly because the people who are in BSC are typically professionals, who don’t suffer fools.

I’m going to miss being @ 1U, because lots of my church people hang out at 1U, and its not going to be the same at BSC. It will be less stressful, because the daily people traffic is lower in BSC.


Story 1.
My dad is away for 3 weeks. So, he left his car with me. For those who don’t know, its a 2 year old Waja. I’ve been basically terrorising people with it. Its been fun driving around with a car that can actually climb hills in 3rd gear.
The not fun part was that I had to replace both rear tyres because one was worn through and through, until the steel mesh was showing. The wear pattern was diagonally across the tyres so.. had to get more. The staff at the tyre shop saw the A– number plates and thought I drove the spare tyre all the way from Ipoh. :O
Till today, I’ve terrorized more than a few Protons and lots of Vios drivers. I’ve been a nuisance to Sentra and Altis drivers too :) hope none of my readers drive around PJ much.

Story 2.
I’ve been working at Great Eastern Mall for 3 weeks now, and I now understand why people insist on buying automatic transmission cars. I mean, spending 40 minutes in the traffic jam just to get to work, every day *without* auto would be quite sadistic :P …
I’ve been thanking God and my dad for insisting that I get an auto. The fuel consumption is still killing me though, so I’d like to change soon. Anyone reading this who knows a trustworthy car dealer (I know, its not easy), do let me know.