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Monthly Archives: August 2006

Check out this girl. I found the link thru Waiter Rant and I recommend her. Its pretty hard-core … so any readers below 18, now is a good time to stop reading :)
Strip Club Server


Joel On Software > The Iceberg Secret

Steve Jobs understands this. Oh boy does he understand this. Engineers at Apple have learned to do things that make for great screen shots, like the gorgeous new 1024×1024 icons in the dock, even if they waste valuable real estate.

How true…

Also, the new Mac Pro is available now over at Apple Store. Check it out… Dual Core Xeon processors… truly makes me drool…

From Computer Stupidities > Printers
I was at a client site, which happens to be a park district pool. I was there to finish a computer survey, and was asked, “Since you’re here, can you fix the printer in the poolside office?” I went in there, and was told by the supervisor that an employee who thought he was “a computer demigod” tried to fix it but might have made it worse.

Understatement of the year.

The “demigod” opened the case and tried to yank out the toner cartridge without releasing the clips that hold it down. He ripped the top off the toner cartridge, which I had just replaced two weeks ago.

When he ripped it off, there was a cloud of toner that went all over the place, both inside the printer and outside, all over the walls, windows, desk, keyboard, computer, mouse…everything. To try to cover it up he got a wet beach towel and tried to wipe it all up, leaving nice black smears all over the places that wouldn’t clean off. The toner shorted out the main circuit board in the printer and fried the keyboard, which he had rinsed off in the sink and plugged back into the computer. In addition, toner spilled into the wall mounted air conditioner and shorted out the electronics in there as well. So, in addition to making a huge mess, he failed to fix the printer’s original problem. What was the printer’s original problem? It was out of paper.