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Monthly Archives: April 2006

these 2 things did. Lets see if any of you readers can tell me *exactly* where these 2 are from.

Bad spelling Shattered windscreen

Yes, its been a quiet day at the 1 U Apple Center, so I had the time to blog this. If any reader can guess exactly where the pictures were taken, I’ll buy you some comfort food :)


So, I’m back from TI. We celebrated my dad’s birthday, together with my brother’s & mine (1st January & 6th March, respectively).

I’m putting up the pics from our lunch (Friday afternoon) and breakfast (Saturday) for now. I haven’t got the other pictures out of the camera yet.

Lunch Breakfast

So, my dad’s birthday is this weekend. So, I’m taking Friday off from work, and going back home.

For those blur sotongs, my hometown is Teluk Intan. I’ll be driving my dad & my brother back from Klang on Thursday evening, celebrate on Friday evening, then drive dad & brother back to Klang on Saturday morning.

My apologies to my cellgroup, I’m FFK-ing you all for the second week in a row.

Here in the 1 U Apple Center, I constantly have people asking me if I know when Apple is launching new products. I occasionally share my personal ideas, but I’m very clear about telling them that its either rumours or just guesses.

Quoted from Mac Geekery

Buy what you need, when you need it, at a price that’s reasonable. Your hardware is not magically obsoleted just by the existence of something better. For years to come, it will do the work you need.

Read the whole article at Mac Geekery – Rumors at the Bar from someone who does this professionally, not part-time, like me.

And, if you’re a customer of mine, do me a favour and please please don’t ask me if Apple is launching a new product. We honestly do not know.

So, this is a Public Service Announcement, and a explanation, rolled into one.

Click here for the PSA. Its a link to MacAsia’s PC Fair promotions.

Explanation is, I will be working from 10 am to 10 pm on all 3 days, except Sunday, where I will be working from 12 to 10. Please excuse me if I am blur, or confused. Its gonna be crazy, but because Azarul has abandoned me (and the 1 Utama Store) to go to PC Fair @ KLCC, the CHiQ has gracefully stepped into the gap.

2 animals in 1Utama… selling fruits! :)