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Monthly Archives: December 2005

Yet another online game of tag. CHiQ tagged me for some childhood food memories.

Hmm… good thing dinner is only 2 feet away (and smelling good) while I type this :)

1. Thosai with margarine and sugar. This is something I still enjoy. Served piping hot, with just enough margarine and sugar so the sugar doesn’t drop off and the margarine doesn’t drip all over… mm mm, good.

2. Grandma’s meehoon. Well, since my grandma is a Sri Lankan Tamil, cooking an essentially Chinese dish :) she would mix in a packet of Maggi instant noodles, and some eggs and small slices of potatoes. And always include a cup of extra sweet Milo :) MMM, its too bad she’s gotten Alzheimers :(

3. My own disaster Maggi :) My first attempt (at the age of 11) at copying my mum’s delicious healthy Maggi. She’d put in French beans, potatoes, dried prawns and a dash of soya sauce. I overdosed on the dark soya sauce… ended up having to eat maggi the whole day :)

4. Hmm, something exotic for y’all to hear of. We called it ‘uppuma’ and I have no idea how to translate it. Basically, its rice flour, sugar, onions, all fried together.

5. mmm, my mum’s liver and gizzard curry :). Yes, I can hear some of you retching now… but hey, I was 11 and not that much of a picky eater. Liver, gizzard, tomatoes and potatoes made in chicken curry style.

6. Grandma’s sting-ray curry. She’s the only person I know, who makes a delicious fish curry, using chicken curry powder… very good with hot rice and stir-fried cabbage.

I better stop now… Getting crosseyed from the hunger and desires stirred up.
I’m gonna post the five people to be tagged later.

The five who were tagged this time are

1. YP
2. J
3. IreneQ
4. Dobbs
5. Beat