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Monthly Archives: October 2005

Coming Back Soon!

Part 4 (Aug 22 – Oct 17)
I’ve learned how to walk with crutches. Its not too hard and I can get around OK. I’m also able to take baths and all that on my own.
Mostly spending (burning?) my time by watching loads of TV … a little helping my dad with computer stuff. I’ve had some of my old Teluk Intan buddies come over and visit. Maybe I’ll do up a list of people who came to visit me… soon :)

Part 5 (Oct 18)
The cast is OFF! yahoo!! I can’t walk yet, the muscles and joints below the knee all are quite painful… but the cast is off!! now I can wash this stinky leg :)
ahh… physiotherapy to recover the *art* of walking is tomorrow… keep praying, people! this is going to be one Christmas to remember!


Well, finally I’m going to explain why I’ve been away for more than a month.

On August 14th 2005, I was in my first motorcycle accident. Please stop reading now if you don’t want details.

Part 1 (Sunday night)
I was on my way home from work @ MacAsia 1 Utama on my trusty RX-S … when I took a corner near Bandar Utama 6, and skidded. I lost consciousness for a few seconds, so no one knows exactly what happened afterwards.
2 of the security guards from BU 6 ran out from their booth, because they heard something (I guess) picked me up off the road, and told me to lie down on the divider. I was bleeding, but I was able to call Jun Wei and tell him what happened. I also remember telling the guards who he was, his car colour and number, so that they would know. Those guys were really good, I even heard one guy yelling at the 999 operator because the ambulance was a little late.
Jun Wei got there, the guards passed him my phone and Palm. I asked him to call my dad and tell him and our cell group leaders.
So, they got me into the ambulance, I passed out (again) and they got me to the hospital. Apparently I was bleeding from the face quite badly … and I’d broken my leg. So they got a couple of surgeons to sew me up :) and put something on my leg so the broken part was stable. My foot was quite swollen so they didn’t put the plaster of paris (POP) on.

Part 2 (Aug 15 – 18)
My dad was there… Thank God! if I’d had to do everything myself, I’d still be in hospital :)
Doctors came in and said that I’d broken the two bones in my lower leg (tibia and fibula – med people). I’d need a cast, but not just then. My foot was too badly swollen. I had a ‘icepack’ on for the 4 days. Lots of people came. Relatives, friends, college staff :) even my dad’s colleagues. The leg was painful, but it was immovable and I couldn’t find a comfortable sleeping position. I was only able to sleep because of the painkillers.

Part 3 (Aug 19 – 21)
Doctor walks in, says the POP can go on today (yay!) He came back later with a resident and she did the actual application. I went for x-ray afterwards. Doctor said on Saturday morning that he’s going to change the cast a little, so the bones are 100% straight. More x-ray after that. Sunday morning, doctor says the bone is perfect, and I can be discharged. I called my friends… and so many came to help me out of the hospital! First, we tried a wheelchair, but the cast keeps my knee straight, so that didn’t work. Next, we tried a crutch under the cast, but my leg was too heavy. So the hospital staff got a trolley (movable hospital bed) and put me on that. Getting off the trolley and into dad’s Waja was… interesting :) I couldn’t stand at all by myself, so I’m not too sure how exactly we managed it. I was in the back seat, with my leg stretched over the back of the front seat, which was lowered almost flat.

More coming soon…