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Monthly Archives: June 2005

Ahh… time to update. But there’s too many people in the store now. Maybe later? :)


Hooked up with YP and CHiQ last night. Had some dinner … and adjourned to coffee next door.

The ambience… the company… was just excellent. I’m quite happy that these 2 women asked me along. :)

On the way home tho’ :) I took a corner near my place just a little to fast… nearly fell off my bike :( Thank God, He kept me awake and alert enough that I was able to recover.

Now at MacAsia we have more staff. So stress is lower. Thats good.

Over at DUMC we’re going to Port Dickson for youth camp. Theme is HeartCore. I’ll be helping in the committee, Games department :) pray for strength for all of us. God’s protection for all campers.