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Monthly Archives: May 2005

alamak! I got tagged by Jinny in this musical baton thingie going around.

since she tagged me, I’m gonna copy the formatting from her blog :) *smirk smirk*

Total volume of music files on my computer
Um … 200 MB or so. It just came back from a HDD replacement.

The last CD I bought
Hillsong’s Hope VCD

Song playing right now
Jason Mraz – Curbside Prophet, from CHiQeN’s &nbspiPod mini

Five songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me
PlanetShakers – Shake The Planet
Coolio – Gangsta’s Paradise
Sade – King Of Sorrow
Russell Watson – Faith Of The Heart
Bing Crosby – How Great Thou Art

Five people to whom I’m passing the baton
Jin Khang
David Chew
Peter Tan

Hope the above carry on the torch, I mean baton.


Yeah. I cut myself… by accident. again :(

We’d just got some stuff in here @ AppleCenter 1Utama. I was helping to open boxes and boxes of iPod minis. My colleague was joking around, pretending to throw the box, and I tried to catch it between the knife in my right hand and my left hand :(

yes, I know. its was stupid.

so now I have 2 plasters on my left hand. its a little stiff, but I’ll live.
Thanks to Chiq who was very concerned :)


my mac mini is still not back. I called today and the technicians are on public holiday.

my bike is much better now, got on wider tyres, new lights switch. now its a little safer on the highway.

next step for bike is change shock absorbers front and back :)

then and only then will I clean, paint and polish it.

today is a sad day for me :(

my mac mini died. again.

for those who didn’t know, my mac mini died the day after i bought it. then I got it replaced.

then wednesday night, it refused to boot. it just stuck at the loading screen. So I brought it to Mac Asia 1 Utama to backup the data and reinstall Panther. It refused to even display on the screen.

preliminary diagnosis, logic board = dead. so its at the HQ over at Great Eastern Mall. hope its done soon. I don’t like being mac-less :(