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Monthly Archives: April 2005

finally! now I can play around with Dashboard, Spotlight, widgets! :)

woo hoo! and we got to see another paparazzi in action :P my colleague, Sebastian :)

but… tired la now, need to go sleep soon. hope I can get up early.


I learned a real good piece of news today! my home is covered by Jaring wireless service!

woo hoo! now I can leave TMnet, Telekom & Streamyx all at the same time! … sorry for the !!! but… I am just overjoyed… woo hoo

woo, now my home feels like a sardine tin. from 4 people to 10 ! arghh.

my aunt’s son + family just moved in cos his house is being renovated, so thats +4. then my housemate brought in his friend for 2 weeks, then my aunt brought HER friend for 2 weeks also. !

now I go out at 9 a.m. and return at 12 midnight cos I can’t take it!

good news is that I got new shades yesterday with chiQ. I need to find a way to post pictures here. maybe I’ll just get the BT adaptor end of the month!

My bike kena again! this time, the clutch lever (handlebar) was broken off, and some little dents to all the lights.

Thats the max I can take. I give up, and will not bring my bike to 1 Utama anymore. I just don’t get it, why my bike? there’s like so many other more expensive bikes to damage :)

Something happened on wednesday night. Someone apparently took my bike for a joyride, after picking the lock! :(

I came out after working and the helmet was dented in 2 places, the visor was broken, the left hand mirror was missing. the security people were missing so I couldn’t complain to anyone.

after getting on, the bike handles funny, making squeaking sounds and wobbling all over the place.

looks like a major job. I don’t need this! oh well, I got the visor replaced today (RM10) and got my self a lock for the front fork (RM20). also parked the bike NEXT to the security guy and told him that I am a target. he said he’ll look out…

entah apa apa entah …

oh, suggestions to keep my bike safe are welcomed :)