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My apologies, dear readers.

I’ve neglected this blog, for quite some time now.

I still want to blog, but my current employer makes that difficult. I would prefer to remain uncensored, but that’s not possible currently.

I’m planning to remodel, yet again… and convert this space to a more visually pleasing spot.
Please share your suggestions, comments and other thoughts in the usual space.

A two in one doormat, found via Louis, a commentor @ Chris Pirillo

Cool doormat

My first blog post using the new WordPress iPhone app. Seems pretty straightforward… More thoughts later…

my iPhone

my one hundreth post.

today, a lady walked in, to our store. and asked for me. even though I don’t technically work there.

although she had some questions, she was quite nice throughout.

she truly made my day.

Thanks JK, you know who you are.